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Cafe Gitane at The Jane Hotel

01 Apr 2016 by Esther

Cafe Gitane at The Jane Hotel in the West Village has been a hip, hot and happening place for years. A stayer and that is a good thing. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is relaxed and the usual crowd is a nice mix of locals and tourists, hipsters, businessmen and everything in between. The waitresses in their fifties dresses are beautiful and friendly but assertive enough to point out the amount of tip you should leave. "Most people from Europe are bad tippers." Ah, that I will never forget.

Breakfast at Cafe Gitane New York

Looking a bit pale after a very short night. But how cosy it is! After this breakfast we're good to go.

The Newyorkcitytrippers (after a sleepless night) @ Cafe Gitane New York

The bar @ Cafe Gitane New York

Lunch, drinks or dinner. We have been here a lot and have had a taste of many dishes, all sorts of beers and cocktails. All equally delicious.

Cafe Gitane New York at The Jane Hotel

Interior of Cafe Gitane New York

Cafe Gitane at The Jane opens at 7 AM and closes at midnight on Sundays and weekdays and at 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. It is located at 113 Jane Street. Just take the steps to The Jane Hotel and you'll find it on your left. Great to combine with a stroll across the High Line and a visit to the new Whitney museum!

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