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A half marathon in Queens

03 Mar 2015 by Esther

The Newyorkcitytrippers are sporty. We don’t overdo it (well, sometimes perhaps just a little) but we both try to work out three times a week. We sort of have to, because we also like beer and wine and other good stuff and excercising keeps that balanced. Plus it’s good against gravity and’s good for a lot of reasons.

On one of my "looking for fun things to do but not your average thing in New York City” sitesearches I came across the Queens half marathon. That seemed like something Daf would like so I suggested that she'd do that on the Sunday of our visit. I figured I’d go take a yoga class then. To make a long story short; Daf said she’d only do it if I came along.

Wow, what a great experience it was. It all started at the packet pick-up at Paragon Sports (near Union Square) on Friday evening. We were already congratulated just for having decided that we were going to participate. Somehow sports is more of a thing in the States. The starting area was right behind Flushing Meadow (home of the US Open) and just before the start, after some good housemusic, the American anthem was sung life. By a singer, and by almost all the participants who gave it everything they had. Goosebumps! We ran passed dj’s and bands playing good old American rockmusic and were cheered on by people carrying signs with great sayings like “toenails are so overrated”. That all made it into a big party. We took it easy because we wanted to have some energy left for the remainder of the day. And ofcourse, as always, we had not slept a lot since our arrival in New York. It took us 2 hours and 12 minutes from start to finish. And at the finish line we were wrapped in foil, filled with food and drinks and we got a huge medal which was so ugly it was pretty. How proud we were!

This run was one to remember! Running a race is also a nice way to experience the city. If you're into running it's definitely something to do next time you're in New York!

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