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ABC Kitchen & ABC Cocina

30 Dec 2016 by Esther

You might have heard of the gorgeous ABC Carpet & Home. It's sort of a warehouse for home decoration but different. The same applies to ABC Kitchen and ABC Cocina. If you're into chic wining and dining then you'll definately want to go here.

ABC Kitchen & ABC Cocina oh so good

ABC Kitchen

Here you can enjoy the award winning dishes of Michelin star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. In his kitchen you'll only find products that come from local and regional farmers and fairtrade cooperatives. Free from pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. Sustainability focused American Cuisine in a more light and open interior than ABC Cocina. Not better or not as good, just different.

ABC Kitchen is located at 35 East 18th Street.

Go to ABC Kitchen & ABC Cocina if y're looking for a good restaurat in New York City

ABC Cocina

Latin-American cuisine and tapas by Michelin star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Great interior design and a somewhat more intimate/romantic setting than ABC Kitchen.

ABC Cocina is located at 38 East 19th Street.

ABC in New York City

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