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Banana pancakes

30 Jan 2015 by Esther & Daphne

Very popular breakfast among fitness junkies because it contains lots of carbs and proteins. It makes for a great post-workout meal but is also nice as a lazy Sundaymorning breakfast. Supergood and easy peasy to make.

Banana pancakes in New York City


– 2 eggs

– 1 banana

– bueberries, about a hand full

– some almonds or wallnuts

– honey or powdered sugar

– coconut- or olive oil

Blend and mix the eggs and the banana. Let the coconot oil melt in a frying pan and add the banana/eggs mix. Let it bake on both sides (be patient and don't flip it too quickly unless you prefer scrambled banana eggs ...). Got a sweet tooth? Sprinkle some powdered sugar or honey over it. Add the blueberries and nuts and enjoy!

We got this recipy from A Dutch online magazine made by sporty ladies Madelon and Nienke for a healthy & happy lifestyle with lots of good food recipies, workouts, the latest sportswear, favourite hotspots and interviews.

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