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22 May 2015 by Esther

Bloomingdale's flagshipstore is well known by fashionista's. A big and luxurious department store with many "shops in shop".


The French Ladurée is very popular in New York City. Also Bloomingdale's has the cute little carts and cabinets filled with Ladurée macarons and candles.

La Duree at Bloomingdale's New York City

We don't shop here enough to take part in the loyalty-programme but perhaps you're interested? Word of caution by the way; the saleswomen here can be quite persistent so if you're a sucker for salespitches you might want to think twice. Before she knew it Daphne found herself in a chair and definitely was in need of a certain creme. It made her look years younger. And what a coincidence; it just so happened to be on sale ...

Bloomingdale's New York City

Your purchases are put in a little, medium or large big brown bag. Which means that if you buy an expensive designer bag you have to carry it around in a brown paper bag. Find comfort in the fact that this brown bag is a huge symbol of status and is on the wishlist of many women.

Kiehl's in Bloomingdale's New York City

Kiehl's shop in shop.

Magnolia Bakery in Bloomingdale's New York

Magnolia Bakery has their own store in Bloomingdale's.

A recent photoshoot of Sarah Jessica Parker in front of Bloomingdale's caused a lot of commotion for Sex and the City fans. Is a third SATC on its way?

It sure made for a nice publicity stunt; SJP is going to launch a new shoeline - especially designed for Bloomingdale's - this summer. Is a new SATC movie in the making? We have no idea.

Bloomingdale's store hours

There are a couple of Bloomingdale's' in New York City but the one and only flagshipstore is at 59th & Lexington (just across from the 59th street subway station).

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