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Dance the night away

11 Nov 2013 by Esther

Clubbing in New York’s hottest spots in town is not as easy as you’d think it would be. And assuming your network or little black book does not include Manhattan it can be hard to find a club. And then to get into one. Even with the looks of a model that’s not easy. The lines are usually long and the doormen hard to get by.

That’s why, on one of our trips, we booked the Chelsea nightclubtour with Uncle Sam's. I thought it was a little embarrassing to discover New York’s nightlife with a tour, but I have to admit that it was actually a pretty good way. Exploring the nightlife with a guide means you don’t have to stand in line!

We met the group around 10:30 in a bar and had a drink to get to know eachother. A little awekward at first. There were about 20 people and 4 different nationalities, age range between 20 en 50. We all had the same goal; make it a night to remember. The first club that Sam took us to was just a small walk from the bar. It was The Mansion (aka M2). Out tourguides walked us right by the long lines, to and through the VIP entrance. We thought it was a pretty cool place, it’s well known by the New Yorkers. We received a booth & bottle service; were seated in a booth and got served wodka, cranberryjuice and water. The music was good, R&B & hip/hop but not really upbeat, so we stayed in our seat, watched and talked.

Times Square New York City

One of the tourguides turned out to be a real Italian Stallion. He knew of AZ, the soccer team of Alkmaar, and after some friendly conversation he felt like a little more action. When he started about a threesome we said ciao to him and went to get a beer at the bar. Stayed there for another hour and a half and were brought to the next club, the Marquee. Same ritual, we passed long lines and went in. Booth & bottle service (how did we every live without it) and wow, what a cool place. Huge, great dancemusic and a super atmosphere. The place has it all. Great looking people on the floor, on little stages and a good vibe. We had a good time! Hearing the uptempo version of The Kings of Leon’s “use somebody” brings us back to that super cool place. Glad we went and wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on it!

We decided to take the tour again, on another occasion. But that turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment. The Marquee had closed rather unexpectedly and to “warm up for the night” we went to a sort of a lounge. Which we didn’t think much of. We decided to split after someone tried to get a little too friendly with us. Walked right passed a long line of people waiting and took a taxi back to our hotel. Leaving the people in line flabbergasted.

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