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Daphne runs Times Square

23 Jan 2015 by Daphne

Congratulations - you've been selected for the 2015 United Airlines NYC Half! That's what it really says! I'm barely awake this Wednesdaymorning and my heartrate is already through the roof. I'M IN! Oh yeah!

Running a half maraton in New York City

After THE marathon, a half in Queens and lots of fun runs through Queens and Manhattan I can put THE half on my New York City running CV. Unfortunately the other Newyorkcitytripper didn't get an entry. But she recently heard that she's a member of the 2015 Runner's World Dreamteam and is going to run the Rotterdam marathon in April. How cool is that!

On March 15 I will be running, along with some 20.000 other people, from Central Park to Wall Street. Stopping traffic in Times Square and running along the Hudson for quite a while after that. Towards the Freedom Tower and Lady Liberty. And the fresh fruit- and vegetable shakes from one of the foodcarts at Battery Park. I'm really looking forward to getting one of those!

Half marathon New York City

Rise and shine will be early. The start is already at 07:30 and since I don't want to do any unnecessary running I'll want to be there an hour before. Oh well, at least I'll still have the whole day ahead of me afterwards ...

Note: here's the story on the race.

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