New York City Trippers

Dean & Deluca

31 Aug 2015 by Esther

Picture this: grocery shopping in a supermarket with a marble floor, while listening to classical tunes and being surrounded by perfectly styled products. Welcome to Dean & Deluca! The fruit- & vegetable juweler will turn pale when he sees the strawberries here. It is sort of over the top, but hey ... we have some great memories of when we bought mouthwatering sushi and ate it on some Broadway steps while sitting in the sun. How lucky can you get?

Dean & Deluca New York City

We like to buy small souvenirs here, like jellybeans in a cute tinn. Or something for in the kitchen. But it really is very expensive here. In my family we eat a lot of Nutella. And boy am I glad that I don’t have to pay 7,5 dollars for that every week ...

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