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Deep house yoga

29 Apr 2016 by Esther

Through the instagramaccount of Verbotennewyork I found out that this nightclub is not only the place to be if you're into underground dance in New York City, but that it also organises weekly deep house yoga classes. A 7 pm yogaclass in a Brooklyn nightclub, somehow that sounded awesome. And that's exactly what it was, awesome!

Deep House Yoga in New York

A nightclub, a yogateacher, a dj for the tunes and a vj for visual effects ... we had to settle into that all for a little bit but were quickly at ease. Shaktiyogany's' Julie Dohrman led us through a wonderfull yogaclass. DJ Tasha Blank felt the vibe and played a super set. The atmosphere, Julie's voice and Tasha's tunes, what a great combination.

Deep House Yoga in Brooklyn, New York City

The Newyorkcitytrippers - totally zen in NYC (way in the back)

Rooftopbar The Ides (on the 6th floor of the Wythe Hotel) is right across from Verbotennewyork (54 N 11th street). If you're in the neighbourhood go check it out. If you ask me there is no better view on Manhattan from behind a bar. Registration for a deep house yoga class is done online at Verbotennewyork.

Deep House Yoga on the Instagram account of dj Tasha Blanks

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