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Designer Shoe Warehouse

30 Jun 2017 by Daphne

I'm going to New York and I'm taking with me: comfortable shoes for sure! And in case you want a fresh pair, step into a DSW - Designer Shoe Warehouse. One of Daphne's favorite shops in New York!

DSW - Designer Shoe Warehouse in New York City

Esther prefers to ignore them, but every now and then she joins me. For 5 minutes. And then she has had enough. Not me. I just love to to check them out. From front to back and left to right. There are a couple of DSW's in New York and they all have the same set up; rows and rows of shoes, sometimes spread out over several floors. From flip-flops to warm winterboots and from sneakers to high heels. From cheap brands to Louboutin.

Every DSW has a clearance section with, if you're in luck, something good for not a lot. The markdowns range from 30% to 70% which are mentioned on stickers yellow, green, purple and blue stickers. Having a hard time doing the math? No worries. Just look around and for sure you'll see a chart with the calculation of all the different prices.

DSW's can be found at Union Square (next to Wholefoods), on Broadway/79th street (near Lincoln Center), close to Penn Station (34th street in between 7th and 8th avenue) and in Harlem (125th Street). Check out the picture below of the great mural I saw at the Harlem DSW.

DSW - Designer Shoe Warehouse in New York City

Designer Shoe Warehouse. I've never returned home from a New York City trip without a bag with this logo. There's also plenty of other good stuff to get at DSW. How about a Liebeskind handbag for half of the original price?

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