New York City Trippers

Freeman Alley

15 Jul 2016 by Daphne

Every time I'm in New York I have these "ah so that's where that is" moments. Especially in the Lower East Side. I just love to wander around there. Turn left here, go right there. All at random with no particular place to go and the iphone within reach to check where I'm at. That's how I discovered Freeman Alley. The entrance is at Rivington Street and Stanton Street, Chrystie Street and Bowery are around it.

Freemans Sporting Club is at the corner. It looked like a cool clothing and barbershop. Has nothing to do with sports. Unless you see shopping as sports.

There's lots of streetart to be found in Freeman Alley. Awesome! I had been wanting to see this little guy with my own eyes for a while. A Thomas Allen creation. I love the style. Never get....yeah, never get what?

Amy Winehouse by Sacsix.

Ah, there's another Lovewall by James Goldcrown. You find them all over New York. It looks like this one has been hacked.

At the end of Freeman Alley I noticed Freemans Restaurant. Note to self: put it on the to check list for the next NYC trip.

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