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Integral Yoga Institute

26 Sep 2014 by Esther

Integral Yoga Institue New York City

An authentic and traditional downtown yogaschool for both beginners and advanced yogi's. With over 100 classes and workshops every week there’s always a class that suits you. Not a hip, hot & happening atmosphere. Here they want you to find innerpeace.

The Integral Yoga Institute has 6 classrooms and the instructors, many of which are volonteers, are well trained and very involved. You are always welcome to just drop in for a class, there's no need to sign up beforehand.

Integral Yoga Institute New York City

I was in a beginnersclass one time and found that a very pleasant class.The teacher welcomed us on “this beautiful windy mondaymorning". Integral Yoga also organises workshops and teachertraining-programs. We took part in a workshop "yoga for runners" which was great. And if you’re into Kirtan, "the art and practice of chanting" Integral Yoga is also the right place to be.

The Integral Yoga Institute is located at 227 West 13th street (between 7th and 8th Avenue).

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