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Jivamukti Yoga on Broadway

04 May 2018 by Daphne

Ok. I totally understand that going to a yogaclass is not on top of your "what-to-do-while-I'm-in-New York" list. It never was on mine either. And every time I heard Esther say “oh, I really would like it if you came along to such and such yoga class, I just know that you'll love it” I sighed and thought “but I really don't feel like it because I have so many other things that I still want to do here”. And now I love it and feel very fortunate to have someone like Esther who always makes a whole study of finding the exact right yogaschools and classes.

The first time she persuaded me to go to Integral Yoga for a yoga4runners class with her. Which was great! That still helps me with my pre- and post-run stretches. The second time I was lured into a Tara Stiles class at Strala Yoga. Which was a true experience and I'll be honest; I spent half of the class on my yogamat staring at people whom I believed were ready to join Cirque du Soleil. The time after that appeared to be a faulty choice at first. Esther said "this is going to be the best class yet, with rockmusic etcetera”.

Jivamukte Yoga New York City

Rockmusic yoga on Broadway

We ended up at Jivamukti on Broadway, close to Union Square. In a big bright classroom we met Ximena. A small powerwoman with a soft voice. Who told us you should always listen to our heart and think of what is important to you. And to sometimes stop and make sure that you're doing the things that are important to you. Then she got out a sort of a keyboard. I thought “Ah great, live music”. But she also gave us a book and told us to turn to page 5 and to....chant along with her! And then all signals in my body turned red. During the first 3 lines of “Guru-something” I could only think “noooooo, I could have done so many other things...shitshitshit…I am so not doing what is important to me”. I caught Esther's eye and could see she was also in despair. I then decided to give it another 10 minutes before I would chant my way out of the classroom. Luckily the chanting didn't last long. The stereo was turned on and Ximena said we were ready to go. Downward facing dogs and a lot of other poses followed, into which I was styled and modelled by Ximena, while listening to rocksongs and yogatunes. And I loved it! For 1,5 hours I let go of the “I have to and I want to” and after a wonderfull neckmassage given by Ximena I was ready for another great day in New York!

More Yoga in New York City

Throughout the years we've been to many classes. And I loved each and every one of them. But the two that really stand out so far were yoga in Bryant Park (totally free!) and Deep House Yoga. Oh but wait, I also really liked Yoga to the People.

As reluctant as I was at first, I now totally love doing yoga in New York and make a point of taking at least one class every time I'm there. There are so many classes and possibilities!

Also want to check out Jivamukti? Here is link to their website.

Free yoga in New York

Many shops that sell athletic wear offer free in-store classes. Why don't you check if there is a Lululemon near your hotel. Or just send us a message. We'll find you a class. And then can perhaps also help you put together an itinerary!

Have a good one!

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