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Junior's Cheesecake

19 May 2017 by Daphne

Where to get the best cheesecake in New York City? Ooh, that's a toughie. Tastes differ and there are so many great places in New York City to fulfill your cheesecake craving. One of my personal favorite places is Junior's. The one in Brooklyn, on the corner of Flatbush and Dekalb Avenue.

the bar at Junior's Cheesecake restaurant Brooklyn

The cheesecake is so rich in flavor and the slices they serve here are so big that you won't be hungry for the rest of the day. Even if you shared a piece.

pancakes for breakfast at Junior's Cheesecake restaurant New York City

Same goes for their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Big portions. And so delicious that you actually find yourself considering if you should eat it all or not. By the way, if you're into pancakes Junior's is a must also. They come with warm apple slices and raisins on the side and are so fluffy...yammie.

inside Junior's Cheesecake Restaurant Brooklyn

Service with a smile in a diner style setting with Brooklyn history and memorabilia all around. And eventhough the place does not seem touristy to me at all, I saw it once on a "cool touristy things that New Yorkers do" list.

coffeecup at Junior's Cheesecake restaurant

"All you want. As you want it". They practice exactly what they preach. The Junior's crew is very friendly and everyone goes out of their way to please you.

Most Famous Cheesecake at Junior's Cheesecake restaurant

There are two Junior's in New York. One in Brooklyn - that's my favorite - and one on Broadway, Times Square. Both open at 06:30 am and close around midnight. Depending on the day of the week.

Are you now in the mood for New York Style cheesecake but not near a Junior's? Well, you don't have to go to New York to try a piece of "The World's Most Fabulous Cheesecake". Nope. You can also go ahead and order online. Which is ok if you live in The States and don't mind to fork out lots of bucks on shipping. But, you can also make one yourself. Here's the recipy of Newyorkcitytripper Esther's "quick and easy hard to mess up cheesecake"! Enjoy!

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