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Love X Style X Life

24 Feb 2016 by Esther

Garance Doré, the aboslute fashionblogger and according to New York Times Magazine "the guardian of all style", has written a book. And not just any book. Because the New York Times does not make you a bestseller that easy. As a fashiongirl. Well, girl, Garance is now in her 40's. And explains in parenthesis that we, even in our forties, can feel insecure about our future. Thank god for that.

Love x Style x Life van Garance Doré

By calling Garance Doré a fashiongirl we are not doing her justice. Garance is an illustrator and photographer who started her immense popular blog to bring her work under our attention. And she succeeded. In the book Garance shares more with us than she does in her blog. She shares her lifestory, lets us take a look in her private life (oh yeah, we are curious) and seems very candid. To me that's her strong point. No babbling or cooing. Real life.

Love X Style X Life van Garance Doré

Garance not only writes about fashion and style but also about work, life, lessons in love and the differences in culture between Paris and New York City. The luxurious softcover book has 255 pagines, a beautiful design and layout and the feel of a magazine, blog and book combined. A nice mix of great pictures, illustrations, collages and text. Want to see for yourself? Get it here. It is also available as E-book but I would not recommend that. I don't think an E-book can do Love X Style X Life justice.

Love X Style X Life van Garance Doré

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