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Ludlow Coffee Supply

11 Nov 2016 by Daphne

Oh how we love the Lower East Side of Manhattan! This is the area to go in New York City when looking for cozy cafes, restaurants, hip hangouts and cute little coffee places. Such as the Ludlow Coffee Supply.

Ludlow Coffee Supply New York City maple latte cappucino hotspot

The place may be small but their cappucino tasted great! As did the homemade strawberry poptart! Maple lattes are their signature drink and next to poptarts they serve pastries, different kinds of toast and eggs.

Ludlow Coffee Supply New York City Ludlow Barber Supply

Notice the steel framed window in the back? That's where the Ludlow Barber Supply is located. Clips and drips so to speak.

Ludlow Coffee Supply New York City homemade poptarts pastries avocado toast and eggs

Ludlow Coffee Supply is a typical neighborhood coffee spot where you can catch people getting a coffee-to-go on their way to work, back from their yoga class or just in desperate need of caffeine. It's a cool little place with high windows and an urban vibe. The interior is no-thrills-but-we-like.

Ludlow Coffee Supply New York City urban vibe hip hangout coffee to go

Check it out on Ludlow Street across from the Indigo Hotel (which by the way is home of rooftop bar Mr. Purple from where you can get an awesome view on the Empire State while taking a dip in the pool. Weather permitting ofcourse). It is open from 8 am to 8 pm.

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