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Magnificent Magnolias

27 Mar 2017 by Daphne

Magnoliatrees. Huge ones. How else could they be. For some reason in America things are "much bigger".

We saw lots of them in The West Village. And when they blossom they make for a true spectacle. We can never get enough of them, the magnificent Magnolias near The Jane.

Magnoliatrees in the West Village New York City

The first sight of them in the Dutch flowershops makes me so happy, I just have to buy a couple of branches. I cannot walk past them without inspecting every bud to see if it is getting ready to open up. The joy never lasts long though. After a few days I regrettably have to pick up all the Ieafs from the floor. But luckily the pictures remain.

Magnolias in New York City

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