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Manicure anyone?

26 Sep 2017 by Daphne

It is so nice to sit in a massage chair in New York and getting your feet and legs pampered. Very relaxing after a day of running around the city all day and you might also get into an interesting conversation with the person sitting next to you.

Newyorkcitytrippers at the Orchard Street Nail and Spa

One time Esther sat next to a lady who was in the process of getting ready to go to a party with magnificant manicured hands and feet. She talked non stop. During the entire treatment she was "on the go". With Bazoo (a cute little dog) on her lap. Next stop for them was the make up bar which Bazoo "always absolutely loved". While she was talking to Esther about the fact that "oh my god, you and I have the same skintone" (really, she noticed) I could just picture Bazoo at that party with polished nails, eyeshadow and lipstick on.

Manicure in New York City

We have been in quite a couple of mani-pedi places and it's always interesting to check out a new one. The Broadway Nail & Spa - located near Union Square is very convenient after a long day of strolling through Soho. But we also very much liked the Orchard Street Nail & Spa at 165 Orchard Street. For not too much money your feet and legs receive a true treatment after which you're good to go and hit the streets and shops again! Word of advice from Esther; when you get a manicure be sure to pay before the nailpolish goes on. That way the polish won't end up all over your wallet ...

Newyorkcitytrippers nailpolish at the Orchard Street Nail and Spa

Oh and usually the lovely staff will try to keep you in the chair as long as possible and talk you in to taking another treatment or package. Just remain friendly and say “no thanks”, unless you think “ah what the heck, I’m loving it here”.

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