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Marathon Madness

31 Oct 2017 by Daphne

While I'm writing this some 50.000 people all over the world are getting ready for the New York City Marathon Madness. Six years ago I lost my marathon virginity in New York and it is one of the coolest and most memorable things that I ever did. Here are some tips&tricks for the 2017 New York City marathon virgins.

The challenge is to keep calm in the days before the race. Don't let yourself get too carried away by the hustle and bustle and hecticness of New York. Rest. Because it's a long day, that New York marathon Sunday. But hey, you did not spend hours on a plane to sit in your hotelroom, watch tv and order roomservice. You want to get out there! See, explore and experience! Perhaps the following pre-marathon activities work for you.

New York City

Go visit Rockefeller Center - Top of the Rock - it gives you a great view over the city. And the Empire State! On a clear day you might be able to see the Verrazano Bridge, which you will be crossing right after the start on Sunday!

Go bike with the guys from Bike the Big Apple. You'll be in good hands and will hear and see so many interesting things. Or go to Central Park to see where you will be running your last mile and rent a bike here.

New York City

Staten Island Ferry – a must do! Runs between Manhattan and Staten Island. Exit the boat on Staten Island and get right back on board. Feel the nerves as you see the Verrazano bridge from up close and enjoy the view on Lady Liberty and Manhattan's skyline.

Hop-on hop-off a Big Bus. A great way to cover a lot of New York City without getting sore feet.

Have a nice day in New York City

Shop at The Milss at Jersey Gardens. I did this the Saturday before the marathon. Shortest JG visit ever! Leave Port Authority Bus Terminal around 9:15 am and take an early afternoon bus back. This gives you some 3 hours to shop and also some time to relax while you're on the bus. Because the Saturday before the run is all about not walking too much!

Citybike in New York City

And the day after? Go bike! Get on a Citibike. To anywhere. For example the The Highline. Start at the West 30th Street entrance (between 10th and 11th Avenue) and walk to the end at Washington/Gansevoort Street. This will take you about 30 minutes. Follow the bikepaths along the Hudson or the East River, take one more look in Central Park, get on the East River Ferry and explore the neighbourhood at every stop. But whatever you do, don't take the subway. It's my personal experience that the steps down to the subwaystation are everything but enjoyable the day after the marathon! Bike or stroll through Soho. Have lunch at Fanelli’s. Maybe the chickensoup is on the menu again! Oh and how about a mani-pedi. Show some appreciation to those legs and feet!


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