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Marc Jacobs accessories

09 Sep 2014 by Esther

This store was on our “wanna-go-check-it-out” list for years; Marc Jacobs books & accessories. Because we had read somewhere that this shop was the perfect address to get reasonably priced gifts and nicknacks. And hey, if Victoria Beckham gets her gifts there then you really have to check it out... But somehow we never found it and never got there and each time in New York, the store got better and better in our minds.

And then suddenly, on one of our trips, Daphne found herself in front of the Marc Jacobs store during an evening stroll. Not even 5 minutes away from The Jane Hotel. So, the next day the MJ store was our first stop (offcourse we were way too early and had to do some walking around before it opened). And well, long story just wasn’t our store. There were some great books but that was nothing like what you see at McNally Jackson’s. And the perfect nicknacks turned out to be nothing special either.

We ended up with a little mirror and a marker. With a golden “Marc Jacobs” print. The whole experience lasted 5 minutes. And we could finally take the Marc Jacobs in Bleeckerstreet off our to-do list! Go to 400 Bleecker street, NY 10014 to check it out yourself. When entering Bleeckerstreet from the Soho side just cross the street where American Apparel is on your right. Bleeckerstreet is fun. There are lots of little shops. Which change frequently. MJ is pretty much at the end, on the left side of the street.

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