New York City Trippers

Melvin's Juice Box

12 Aug 2016 by Daphne

It was my last day in NYC and I was on a wandering venture. Walked from the Holiday Inn Lower Eastside down to Canal Street and was making my way back up to the Washington Square Park. Turning left and right here and there. As I crossed West Houston on Sullivan Street I saw Melvin's Juice Box & Miss Lily's Bake Shop. A funky looking place that I just had to check out.

And funky it was. Diner style with just a couple of tables, Caribbean atmosphere, Jamaican tunes and happy people (on both sides of the counter) walking in and out.

Melvin's Juice Box teamed up with Miss Lily's which is just around the corner. Too bad I wasn't hungry because the menu looked pretty good.

The Jamaican Juice Master Melvin himself wasn't there. But his crew whips up the juices just as good. That Caribbean Coco with banana and pineapple that someone ordered sure did look great!

Connected to Miss Lily's Bake Shop & Melvin's Juice Box is Miss Lily's Variety. A record store themed gallery and boutique where you can see photo's and art and buy clothing, books, jewelry and gifts. Radio Lily, Miss Lily’s internet radio station, is in the front of the Variety.

Good to know. A portion of all Miss Lily’s Variety sales go to the Rockhouse Foundation, a charity that transforms the places where Jamaica’s children learn and supports the people who teach them.

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