New York City Trippers

In New York City streetart and performing artists are all around you. Above the ground and below - in the trains and the subway stations. They make the NY subway the world's biggest concert hall.

Newyorkcitytrippers meet Prince Osula

We let a train pass by at the W4 subway station near Washington Square just so we could listen to Prince Osula a little bit longer. We had a ball with The Mystic Drummer and his menu!

Don't be surprised if the person you're sitting next to on the train suddenly starts to sing out loud. Or makes moves as if he's just been bitten by a bug - it's probably breakdance or something. Most of the time before a tough crowd. Who just keep staring at their phones, books or have a "shut the up" expression on their faces. Not us. We love it and can't get enough of it.

Azusa SheSheDance really brightened up the 34th St & 6th Ave subway station. Wow, what a voice!

It's all part of the MUNY program - Music Under New York. Initiated by the public transportation organisation MTA. With 7500 performances each year - spread out over 30 locations and with 350 musicians - chances are that you'll run into a musical interlude during your New York City trip. Find out more about the locations, the performers and performances right here on the website of the MTA.

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