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Newark airport

01 Dec 2014 by Esther

Newark Liberty international Airport, known as Newark, is one of the largest airports in America. Newark is actually not in New York, it is in New Jersey.

A big airport with a different vibe than JFK. Big, busy and a lot of people. I find it way more chaotic than JFK. To me Newark is somewhat unclear and I always follow Daphne because I just don’t notice the exit signs and she does. But then again, I still sometimes get lost in my own neighbourhood.

Newark has an airtrain which brings you to the parkinglot, to another terminal or to a nearby trainstation from which you can travel onwards to Manhattan. The airtrain is free, efficient and always running.

New York City by Newyorkcitytrippers

Next to Newark is The Mills at Jersey Gardens, a big outlet shopping center. We love this shopping center. So much so that on one of our visits, we flew into Newark, stowed our luggage for a couple of hours, took the airtrain and shuttlebus to Jersey Gardens. Which is something that we’ll never do again because it is pretty tiring after a long flight. However, if you want to get the most out of your time in New York, it might be the thing to do.

The travel time between Newark and Manhattan is about the same as JFK-Manhattan (around one hour). There are trains and shuttlebus services to Manhattan or Brooklyn but they’re never direct. We prefer a cab (we’ve tried it all, really).

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