New York City Trippers

Goooodmorning Queens! After a great first night sleep in The Paper Factory Hotel on the 36 str in Long Island City I could not wait to go explore the area. Got my running gear together, put a $20 dollar just-in-case-note in my pocket and quietly went outside with no particular place to go. That happens pretty often in my life and so far it has turned out pretty good. But after a couple of left and right turns I felt like I needed a destination and I decided to head for the East River and run along it until the Ferry stop.

Almost 2 hours later I returned. Without the 50 some pictures I had taken along the way – they had somehow gotten lost in the Runkeeper app. Bummer. But I can still picture clearly what I had seen and where I had gone up, over, under, in and passed: Roosevelt Island Bridge, the does-it-never-stop-going-uphill-Queensboro Bridge (the bridge that killed me during the 2011 marathon), Queensbridge Park, Gantry State Park, East River and Manhattan Skyline, Chrysler Building, Empire State, the neon Pepsi Cola sign, The Long Island Gantry signs.

Towards the Ferry stop, I ran into a filmcrew and chatted a bit to a nice guy called Ollie. Who told me they were shooting material for (shhh don’t tell anybody-very secret) “Made in Chelsea”. Had I heard of that? Eh, no. I thought it was a documentary. About stuff that is made in Chelsea. Turns out it's a series about beautiful young people in the London area and their travels through life and around the world. Saw some trailers on youtube and am definitely gonna try to find out if I can get to see more of it.

Watched the East River Ferry come in and turned around to go back to the hotel. Discovered all kinds of nice little places to go back to. It was a 7.5 miles/12K run. My longest 12K ever. A true treat!

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