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Stanton Street Yoga

24 Jun 2016 by Daphne

The yogaclass started at 06:45 am and although we stayed at the Aparthotel Sanctuary NYC Retreats in a room above the yoga studio we were a little late. We quietly found a spot between the other early birds and were guided through a wonderfull lesson by Aby.

Focus on the here and the now instead of being occupied with what is going to happen next. Or something like that. We've heard it before and it's always nice to hear. There were a lot of people in this class, about as many men as women. All in Aby's flow. Except for 1. She followed her own routine. Which wasn't helpfull when you did not know what to do and wanted to check how you should be positioned.

Lots of downward facing dogs and stretches later it was time to relax; the Savasana. The lights were dimmed and just as my mind was drifting off to all the possible things to do during the rest of this day Aby placed her hands above my face. Which she had rubbed in with some sort of lotion that smelled so nice that I immediately floated into the "now" state of mind. She gently pushed on my shoulders, touched my head and hartcentre and then quietly went to the yogi next to me. Leaving me totally relaxed and zen.

After class, when the rest of the people went off to work, we made our way to a cup of tea in our wonderful room. The first day in New York couldn't have started better! Also interested in a yoga class at Stanton Street Yoga in the Lower East Side? Check the schedule here. Classes are "pay as you wish" for guests of Sanctuary NYC Retreats. More info about this great Aparthotel can be found here.

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