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21 Aug 2015 by Daphne

When I passed Sweetleaf in Queens it was very clear, I had to have coffee and breakfast here. Sweetleaf turned out to be the perfect spot for that. After a long stare at the mouthwatering goodies, all nicely displayed in and on the real cool antique counter, I ended up getting a cappucino and yoghurt with granola.

Sweetleaf Long Island City Queens

So after having decided on the what to get, I had to decide on the where to sit. In the laptop room or reading room, where no laptops are allowed? Near the baristas or in the record room where you can actually spin your favourite record (of many to choose from) on the turntable?

The recordroom at Sweetleaf in Queens, New York City

Sweetleaf has old and new written all over it. New as in the coffee machines and old as in, well, everything else you see. Charming old. And their cappucino and granola yoghurt sure hit my sweet spot! The granola was way too much for me to handle at once, so I put half of it in a on-the-go-cup and enjoyed that the next day with some yoghurt and fruit from the supermarket. Good for a New York-on-a-budget-day!

Coffee, yoghurt and granola at Sweetleaf in Queens, New York City

I went to the Sweetleaf at Jackson Avenue, LIC Queens. There’s another one in the Dutch Kills area on LIC where you can get cocktails after 6 pm. And there's one in Williamsburg on Kent Avenue. I'm sure they're just as sweet!

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