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The Highline

09 Jun 2017 by Daphne

Going for a walk or an-early-morning-run across the Highline is a must when in New York. Every time we're there we discover something new. Many photo's have been taken, while sitting on the bleechers by the window overlooking 16th and 17th street with yellow cabs passing underneath us. And of the benches-on-rails, which can be rolled from left to right.

The Highline in New York City

On a nice day the beds and seats are filled with locals enjoying their coffee-to-go, tourists checking their travelguides to see where they're heading for next, lovebirds taking selfies next to one of the many statues or works of art. Right on the Highline is the Standard Hotel where, so is said, nobody closes the curtains when having you-know-what. You just can't get around it. Literally, because it is built right over it.

The Highline stretches from Gansevoort Street (between 12th and 13th street) up to 34th street, making it a nice walk of 1.45 miles. When walking, take about 1 hour. Nice to combine with a visit to the Whitney museum (super) and a trip to Chelsea Market.

The Highline New York City

Back in the old days the Highline crossed the three most dynamic neighbourhoods of Manhattan; Meatpacking District, West Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen/Clinton. It was built in the 30's to transport mail, meat, produce and other trading goods directly to the top floors of the factories and warehouses. It stopped in 1980, Cold Turkey. Literally because the last transport was a load of frozen turkeys.

The Standard Hotel New York City as seen from the Highline

Piet Oudolf from The Neherlands is repsonsible for the landscaping. He used 220 different species, of which 160 are New York natives.

The Highline New York City

Check the website of the Highline for a map, info on the landscaping, art and the events that are organised. Join a guided tour on Tuesday for instance. Or how about some Tai Chi with locals?

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