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The Metropolitan Opera

08 Dec 2017 by Daphne

I did it! I went to my first opera. Madama Butterfly at the Metropolitan Opera in New York! And eventhough I did not manage to stay for the whole 3 hours it was a great experience! Going to the Opera in New York had been on my list for quite some time.

It was a little bit chilly but I was glad it wasn't raining when I Citibiked from my hotel near Times Square to Lincoln Center. Wearing a skirt and sneakers and carrying my high heels in a bag. I decided to leave my outfit like this until after dinner. Which was just going to be a quick bite and nothing fancy. After I had exchanged my voucher for the actual tickets at the ticketbooth I crossed Broadway and went to Epicerie Boulud. Where I ran into these lovable Butterfly misses.

I had some tomato soup which was served with delicious French bread and headed back to Lincoln Center. It was a little over 45 minutes before the show started. When I got there there was a long line of people waiting but everybody quickly spread out over the grand staircases when the tickets were scanned.

After I had checked my coat and sneakers - which I had exchanged for the high heels - I had to go all the way to the top. Since the other Newyorkcitytripper was not with me I took the elevator up. And got this gorgeous view on the iconic chandeliers and the Grand Tier restaurant.

I was in the Family Circle. Row J seat 113. Which was waaaaaay up. I could hardly see the stage. But what a grand decorum. Breathtaking.

The lights went out, the orchestra started to make music and the huge curtain lifted. Showtime! The lady next to me pulled mini binoculars out of her purse. What a pro. I could not see much but the sound was great. And once I had figured out that it was possible to see subtitles of what they were singing - shown on a little screen in the seat in front of me - I could actually understand it aswell.

Just before the end of the first act my mind started to drift off to all the other things I wanted to do during this visit. So during the first intermission, about an hour after it had all started, I left my seat, changed the heels for the sneakers and hurried to the Citibike. On my way to Madison Square Park to check out the trippy light installation by Erwin Redl. I had had my night at the Opera and enjoyed it while it lasted!

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