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The Mills at Jersey Gardens

17 Mar 2017 by Daphne

The Newyorkcitytrippers love to shop. And we found a shopper's paradise at only a 30 minute busride from Manhattan: The Mills at Jersey Gardens.

Newyorkcitytrippers at Jersey Gardens outlet mall

In this outlet mall in New Jersey we can easily spend an entire day. It houses over 200 stores that you can never-no-way cover in 1 day. At least, we can't. And believe me, when it comes to shopping we are quite the pro's!

Inside Jersey Gardens outlet mall

A visit to the outlet mall makes a great day-trip out of NYC. Busses 111 and 115 take you straight from Manhattan's Port Authority Bus Terminal to the entrance of shopper's heaven. And if you happen to have a layover in Newark you can just make use of the airport shuttle service which goes back and forth every 30 minutes.

The Mills at Jersey Gardens license to shop coupon book

Make sure you stop by the “concierge desk” to pick up your "license to shop" couponbook. Just by showing your id - do this to avoid having to pay 5 dollars - you'll be able to get more discount.

shopping carts at the Mills at Jersey Gardens oulet mall

If you're a serious shopper you might also want to consider getting a shopping cart. You pay $6 to get it and get a dollar back upon return.

The 09.00 uur Port Authority bus arrives before the stores open. But Starbucks is ready to take your order and to fuel you up for your shopping spree. Our routine is to first make our way through the first floor, meet up for lunch - the Chicken Bowl - at Yeung's Lotus Express in the foodcourt on the second floor, cover that entire area and then head back to get the things that we weren't sure about.

So, what are my favorite stores? Well, the list changes after each visit. But Tommy Hillfiger, Converse, Nike, Under Armour, Abercrombie & Fitch, Adidas, Boss, Calvin Klein, Century 21, Michael Kors, Penguin, Marshalls, Uggs, Uniqlo, Saks Off Fifth Avenue and Victoria's Secret are always a must. And next time we're there I'm definitely going to whizz through Elizabeth Arden and Kate Spade. Check here to check out the stores at Jersey Gardens and their current sales and promotions. A discount on a discount. Can't beat that!

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