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The perfect little coffee shop

30 Nov 2013 by Esther

Mojo closed its doors.

If you really want to get a "taste of downtown", go and have breakfast or just a cup of coffe at Mojo Coffee. Especially in the early mornings a good place to be. On Facebook they say they are the "the cosiest cafe in town" with a “comfy old-school vibe". And to be honest, they’re not far off.

Located in The West Village and a wonderfull place to start the day. Have a pastry or the fruit-and-granola yoghurt and watch the people from the neighbourhood get their early morning coffee to take back home. Still a little bit sleepy and with the “just-got-out-of-bed-look” they talk to the guy behind the counter, "I really like your new hair", and leave with their breakfast. Someone next to you is checking his schedule for this day and outside the next customer ties his dog to a bench outside to pop in for a shot of caffeine. All of this in a real easy going, relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Try finding that in mid-town.

Ofcourse there are many more little coffeeshops like this. But sometimes you just don’t come across them. So here’s the address: 128 Charles Street NY.

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