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The Shala Yoga House

01 Aug 2015 by Esther

I'm always a bit nervous when I go to a class I've never been before and don't know what to expect. This Saturdaymorning a lesson at The Shala Yoga House was on my schedule. After breakfast at the Union Square Whole Foods Daphne took off to go to a Free Tours by Foot walk through SoHo and Chinatown. A New York minute later I went through a door on busy Broadway, climbed up narrow steps and found myself in a totally different world.

The Shala Yoga House New York City

I had signed up for an "open" class, meaning that everybody is welcome. Experienced or not. Frank Mauro was the teacher and I don't know if it was because a lot of people don't work on Saturday or the fact that he's just inmensely popular, but the frontroom was packed. A mixed crowd - young, old, men, women, experienced and beginning yogis. Frank knows his stuff. His instructions are very clear and I loved his Vinyasa class.

During the Savasana I felt totally relaxed. Wasn't even bothered by the screaming sirenes. Yoga in the midst of Manhattan - I love it!

Kristin Leigh en Barbara Verrochi, founders of The Shala Yoga House

Kristin Leigh en Barbara Verrochi, founders of The Shala Yoga House

The Shala House is not so big, there are wooden floors and you change behind a curtain. The place has an open feel, laid back and friendly. A single class takes 1,5 hours and costs 20 dollars. Rental mats are available. The Shala Yoga House, located at 815 Broadway, is just a few minutes walk from Union Square. There's also a Shala House in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

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