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Tipping: show the love

02 Jun 2017 by Daphne

We’ll never get used to it; tipping. We were once told that "all Europeans are bad tippers". Oops. It's just not fun to have to add some 20% to an already large bill. But hey, living in New York is expensive.... So keep that in mind and show the love!

Tipping in New York City

Here are some guidelines. Tips for tipping so to say:

  • The doorman (is there such a thing as a doorwoman?) who helps you hail a cab at the hotel:$1
  • The bellboys that bring your luggage to your room: $1–$2 per suitcase/bag
  • Cleaning/Housekeeping: $1–$2 a day
  • Restaurants: 15–20% on top of the bill. Make sure that you add it onto the "ex tax" amount. 15% if you were not really happy with the service, 18% if the service was ok and 20% (or more)...well....if you really had nothing to complain about. To make your life easier you'll often find the calculations already shown on your bill. I've already seen 22% and 25% amounts. Always check your bill for a "service" or "gratuity" charge; if it's on there the restaurant has already added the tip. If it's not and you can't do your math because of a jetlag just double the tax amount and round it up.
  • Taxi drivers: 15% on top of the fare. Or perhaps some more if they help you with your bags.
  • Hairdressers, masseuses, mani-pedi ladies etc.: 15–20% on top of the total amount.
  • And for all not listed here, like ushers, coatclerks, tour guides, well...anything goes!

Oh and if you slip the bartender a dollar per drink you might be noticed quicker when you next want to order.

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